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2011 Jan 15 chez Edna Hodges

January 15 marked the first meeting of the newly found Forevers Central Texas at the home of Edna Post Hodges in Georgetown and assisted by Jean Davis Hejl and Nina Phillips Persohn. In spite of the rain and cold, thirteen ladies found their way to Georgetown. The meeting started with a DVD of a TV interview of Miss Davis and the 1970 Rangerette line on their way to Cotton Bowl and their Cotton Bowl performance. It was exciting to hear Miss Davis' voice and relive the bus ride, before game practice, shopping in Dallas and of course, the Cotton Bowl Classic performance. To turn the clock back for just a few minutes never felt so good!
Everyone in attendance shared something about themselves and some Rangerette moments. We embraced the comments from Mary Nusko McGlothlin (1942 line) as she told of her year as a Rangerette and how the war affected them. Peggy Click Chisholm (1957 line) brought not only her memories and how she became a Rangerette officer, but also a photo album to share. There was a representative from the first line to travel internationally and others who traveled afar. There was a representative from all decades in attendance except 2000.
We discussed what we want to do in our new organization and asked for discussions regarding expenses, dues, donations and volunteers to host the next meeting in April. All expenses thus far were presented to the members and it was decided not to pay dues but rather give donations. $180 was collected. Amy Coleman Chesson has offered to print bling Rangerette Forever T-shirts for our group at a cost of $30 each (, please contact Amy directly. The meeting closed with a moment of silence in a circle of friendship.


Jan 15 photos

'42 Mary Nusko McGlothlin and her daughter Sandra Adair
'57 Peggy Click Chisholm
'61 Sandra Kay McDonald Adams
'62 Patsy Copeland Henderson
'70 Jean Davis Hejl
'70 Edna Post Hodges
'70 Nina Phillips Persohn
'74 Sondra McCauley Chambers
'74 Patricia Mulligan Kolodzey
'79 Susan Reed
'87 Donann Kelley
'90 Thais Taylor Gerik
'94 Amy Coleman Chesson

Forevers Central Texas

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