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2011 July 16 chez Janet Newton

WOW, what a meeting! Sondra McCauley Chambers ('74) arrived in her performance uniform that she wore in the Macy's parade as a Forever many years ago. She looked like a Vegas showgirl just off the stage! AWESOME, Sondra! We all enjoyed seeing her in the uniform so very much... and that SMILE never left her face. What a way to start a meeting.

Janet Jordy Newton ('81) was the hostess for the day. Her dining room table was decorated with Rangerette memorabilia to include photo albums and keepsakes. Her home was warm and welcoming and the food was outstanding. She did have help from her daughter with the Whoopie Pies decorated in red, white and blue. In addition, her sister Jackie drove in from Dallas for the weekend. Jackie was a Rangerette after Janet and is part of the DFW Forevers group. Thanks to Janet for her time, efforts and for sharing her home for the afternoon. I know we all appreciate your talents and time.

While Jean Davis Hejl ('70) welcomed and registered guests, Edna Post Hodges ('70) sold raffle tickets for the bottle of wine. Nina Phillips Persohn ('70) opened the meeting with a welcome and reading of the Forevers Centex Mission Statement: "To Sustain the Spirit of Rangerette Sisterhood through friendships, common interests and a gratifying bond through the common thread of being a Rangerette. Once a Rangerette, Always a Rangerette."

Edna presented the hostess, Janet, with a small token of appreciation from the organization. Then, Jean read an email from Pill Harmon Malm and gave a treasurer's report. The bank account is now set up and signature cards signed. Anyone wanting to become a member and pay membership dues of $25 may write a check to "Forevers Centex" and mail to Jean Hejl at 105 Davis Drive, Thorndale TX 76577. Jean updated the group on revenue and expenses plus educated the group on our website fees.

Newcomers J'me Barr Washburn ('05), Lindsay Blake ('04), Dora Dean Crow Buie ('50) and Kristi Witt-LaRue ('80) were welcomed to the organization.

Janet apologized to the group for not being able to work on the Forevers Centex logo design. Her position at work has kept her very busy all summer, but as August and September draw near she will have time to devote to this project. She has a lot of talent and good ideas for this logo design and everyone is pleased to give her the time she needs. This logo will be used on membership cards, letterhead and will represent our organization.

The group discussed the dates and times for our meetings as there have been some responses by email asking for a different day and time. The attending group voted to keep Saturday as a meeting day for this year, but starting in 2012, the meeting date will be on a Sunday at 3p. The goal is to open up the opportunity for more to attend the quarterly meetings. January 22, 2012 will be the date of the first meeting in the new year. Mark your calendar and plan to attend.

J'me announced she is pregnant with her first baby due Feb 19. She even shared the sonogram pictures with us! Everyone giggled with J'me's excitement. We are all hoping for a future Rangerette! Congratulations J'me!

There was a discussion regarding a "family picnic" to be held possibly at Reunion Ranch in Georgetown area. Also, a fundraiser idea was suggested and discussion took place regarding a mini-camp in Austin to familiarize girls with Rangerettes and teach them about the organization plus a routine. It was suggested that drill teams and dance studios be invited to participate. Nothing definite was decided, but lots of discussion and excitement about the idea.

Jean announced the date for Kilgore Homecoming is October 1 at 3p against NEO. As always, the half-time will surpass the football game in excellence!

Edna discussed having a "wine night" at the Georgetown Winery. She will send out an email with a date and time for anyone to attend who can get away on a Friday night in Georgetown.

Jean won the bottle of wine with the custom Rangerette label from the wine raffle. She was thrilled and probably won't even drink the wine; just save the bottle and label. These can be purchased by the bottle or case with custom label at Georgetown Winery, 715 S. Main Street, Georgetown TX (512 869 8600)

The meeting closed with a game created by Nina. Tell three things about the person sitting next to you. This definitely helped in getting to know each other better. With time, we'll even remember some of it!

July 16 photos


Sandra Kay Adams ('61)
Lindsay Blake ('04)
Dora Dean Crow Buie ('50)
Sondra McCauley Chambers ('74)
Jean Davis Hejl ('70)
Edna Post Hodges ('70)
Donann Kelley ('87)
Patricia Mulligan Kolodzey ('74)
Kristi Witt-LaRue ('80)
Sonja McCracken ('87)
Janet Jordy Newton ('81)
Nina Phillips Persohn ('70)
Susan Reed ('79)
Jamie Vallejo ('00)
J'me Barr Washburn ('05)
Andrea Spells Zuelsdorf ('94)

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