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2012 Apr 29 chez Andrea Zuelsdorf

The April meeting was hosted by Andrea Zuelsdorf and Sandra Kay Adams at Andrea's home in Belton. She truly outdid herself with plenty of wonderful foods to eat, punch to drink and a fantastic strawberry lemonade cake in red, white and blue. Thanks Andrea and Sandra Kay for your hospitality!
Nina Persohn started off the meeting with a discussion of the Revels show. What a fantastic show it was! Everyone who attended had nothing but rave reviews. The Rettes did us proud... again! Patti Wright and Edna Hodges took gifts for all of the Central Texas Rettes as a good luck gift for Revels. Thanks Patti for your artistic work on these gifts from our group!
First time attendees included Sharron Needham Harrington ('56) and Deidra Pomroy McComas ('70). We always welcome newcomers and encourage them to bring a friend next time too.
Treasurers report showed $870.28 in the treasury. Expenses included Rangerettes Forevers Centex logo expenses, Revels program ad and raffle gifts. If you would like to add to the Centex treasury by paying your 2012 membership dues, please send $25 to Jean Davis Hejl. Her mailing address is on the Join link.
A sympathy card was sent to Deana Bolton and a $50 memorial to the "Larry Covin Football Scholarship" at SFA. Deana sent a thank you to our group for the donation.
We now have a red stamp with the Centex logo. Thanks Patti for taking care of that for us. Now we look official!
Nina reported that Holly Lyons received approval from Dana Blair to host a mini-camp for Rangerette hopefuls. Holly wasn't at the meeting to discuss her ideas and needs for the camp. Please contact Holly if you have time and ideas for this camp. It will be a fund raiser for our organization.
Edna discussed membership with the group. There is a need to increase the size of our membership and attendance. Susan Reed volunteered to get in touch with the ladies who have attended in the past and welcome them back to the July meeting. We are eager to expand our organization and make new friendships. 


Sandra Kay Adams
Sharron Harrington 
Patsy Henderson
Edna Hodges 
Donann Kelley 
Sonja McCracken
Nina Persohn 
Deidra Pomroy
Susan Reed 
Andrea Zuelsdorf 

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