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2011 Apr 16 chez Donann Kelley

As we gathered at Donann Kelley's home in Austin, everyone was excited and anxious to see each other and meet new Rangerette friends. There were surprises for a few of our members as they walked into the room and saw someone they recognized from their line. The screeches, hugs and OMGs made everyone stop and watch with smiles and a tear. This is what this organization is all about. Reconnecting and sharing our Rangerette experiences.

Donann's home was eloquently decorated in an Easter theme and as you made your way through her home it was easy to see the love of her family and her days as a Rangerette. She shared a room full of Rangerette memorabilia which includes a framed hand written card from Gussie Nell Davis... one of Donann's most prized possesions. Thanks Donann for sharing your home and your Saturday with us. Love the "red door" and the FABULOUS salad!

Jean Davis Hejl brought a DVD of "The Legend of Gussie Nell Davis" that was played for all to enjoy. We were all very interested to see this video and recall our time with Miss Davis and learn of her background. Nina Phillips Persohn opened the meeting with introductions and Jean Davis Hejl read the "Mission Statement" of the Centex organization. Everyone present shared a little bit about themselves and their time at KC. Jean gave an expense report and reported that the bank account would be up and running in a few weeks. She also announced that attendees from the first meeting are now considered "Honorary Members" for 2011. Jean shared that Mary McGlothlin, our special Rangerette from 1942, was unable to attend as she was in the hospital due to a reaction to medication the day before. Blessings and a speedy recovery go out to Mary.

Janet Jordy Newton has been designing a logo for the Centex group. She passed out a draft copy and the group gave input as to what they would like to see added or changed. Janet will make the changes to her drawing and it will be presented again at the July meeting. Thanks Janet for your design and ideas. Can't wait to see the next draft!

Nina Phillips Persohn talked about Rangerette Revels 2011 and brought a copy of the program to show the group the Forevers Centex ad put in the magazine. Next year it will be bigger and in color! Nina also reminded everyone of the license plates for sale. Two ladies attending have these on their cars already.

Kelly Tyce (2005) was the youngest Rangerette attending and Betty Lyles (1960) was shining as our most senior Forever.

Last, Edna Post Hodges brought a bottle of red wine from Georgetown Winery with a Forevers Centex custom label. This was raffled off and Donann Kelley won the wine. She was embarrassed as she wanted it badly and made that announcement just before the drawing. Way to go Donann, you deserve it after all the work you did to prepare for our meeting.


Apr 16 photos


Sandra Kay Adams
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Thais Gerik
Jean Hejl
Patsy Henderson
Edna Hodges
Donann Kelley
Patricia Kolodzey
Betty Lyles
Sonja McCracken
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Kelly Tryce
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