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2012 July 22 chez Donann Kelley

On Sunday, July 22 you could find many of the Central Texas Forevers in the home of Donann Kelley. Susan Reed and Sonja McCracken helped with food and beverage for the event. Thanks to Donann for opening her home to all of us again. The day was enjoyed by all.
We were all delighted to see several newcomers to our group. Pat Taylor (1943) and Kimberly Hookanson (2012) represented the past and the present... (didn't want to say eldest and youngest) Rangerette. Kimberly seemed to be questioned by many regarding pre-training and show-offs. Things change from decade to decade and Kimberly was kind enough to share with all how things are done now. I think we all learned a lot and definitely enjoyed Kimberly's information.
Laura Persohn Truett ('98), Shannon Briggs ('88), Beth McDougall Little ('83), Katie Reeves ('10), Leslie Finley Maxwell ('04) and Kelli Stanford ('88) were all welcomed to our organization. Each shared their experience as a Rangerette with the group. Welcome to Forevers Centex!!!
Nina Phillips Persohn presented the treasury report as below:
 Balance prior to April 29, 2012 meeting
 Memberships and raffle income
 Expenses to include website fees $230.68
 Current Balance as of July 22, 2012
Membership cards were handed out to all members present. If you would like to pay membership for 2012 and help support our chapter, please send a check made out to Forevers Centex for $25 and mail to: Jean Hejl, 105 Davis Drive, Thorndale TX 76577.
Thanks goes out to Patti Wright for the poster, Joyce Pennington for two books, Nina Persohn for the "Rette" necklace and Susan Reed for the "Rette, White and Blue" magazine. The raffle is a wonderful fund raiser for our group and everyone loves to WIN! Thanks ladies for your support.
Sondra Chambers wanted all of the Centex ladies to know how much she appreciated your vote for the "K-girl Contest". She expressed her "Thanks" to everyone who took the time to vote for her. We think she is a WINNER no matter what!
Items Discussed
  • Recent Rangerette Try-outs: 7 new Central Texas Rangerettes were selected for the 73rd line. Nina Persohn will contact Kilgore and get the mailing address for each new Rangerette. She and Susan Reed are sending a "Congrats" card from our organization to each new Centex Rangerette.
  • Mini-Summer Camp: Holly Lyons received permission from Dana Blair to hold a summer camp in 2013. More information about this camp to be developed by Holly Lyons. If you are interested in helping, please contact Holly at
  • National Historical Organization for Rangerettes: It was mentioned that the Rangerettes should be recognized as a national historical organization. Forevers Centex is trying to determine how to make this happen. Nina will send Paula Jamerson an email requesting this information for our group.
  • Membership Committee: Susan Reed, Sonja McCracken and Donann Kelley have taken the lead for this committee and have been very pro-active with reaching out and encouraging Rangerettes from Central Texas to join our organization and meetings. Their success was evident with the showing of 8 newcomers. This committee will continue to contact and encourage former Rangerettes, friends and family members to attend our organization. If you know of anyone in our area, please let them know about Forevers Centex and direct them to our website for more information or email
  • Officer Election: Volunteers and/or nominations for officers for 2013 were discussed. It was agreed that the current President continue her position through 2013 and a Vice President be selected for a two year term for continuity. The newly elected Vice President will become President in 2014 and another Vice President will be selected so each year the past President will train the Vice President. Other officers will have a 2 year term and give assistance to the new officers when needed. Nina Phillips Persohn agreed to continue her position. Sonja McCracken volunteered to be website coordinator/secretary for 2013 in the place of Edna Post Hodges. Edna agreed to work with Sonja on a new website, email site and master contact list. The present treasurer position held by Jean Davis Hejl is open for volunteers and Jean will assist with the transition to the new treasurer. If you are interested in holding an officer position for the 2013-2015 calendar years, please contact us at The meetings are only once a quarter and these positions do not take up much of your time.
  • Facebook: Holly Lyons has set up a Facebook page for our organization. ForeversCentralTexas. Please "like" this page and put up pictures and info for all to share.
  • October 21, 2012 is the date for our next meeting to be held at the home of Joyce and C.R. Pennington in Salado TX 3-5p. If you would like to help Joyce and C.R. host this meeting, please contact them at Also, if you are returning to the Central Texas area from Kilgore Homecoming on the 21st, plan to stop by Salado for the meeting.

'43 Pat Taylor
'61 Sandra Kay Adams
'62 Patsy Henderson
'70 Edna Hodges
'70 Nina Persohn
'74 Sondra Chambers
'79 Susan Reed
'82 Patti Wright
'83 Beth Little
'87 Donann Kelley
'87 Sonja McCracken
'88 Shannon Briggs
'88 Kelli Stanford
'94 Andrea Zuelsdorf
'98 Laura Truett
'00 Jamie Vallejo
'04 Leslie Maxwell
'08 Amanda Strassburg
'10 Katie Reeves
'12 Kimberly Hookanson

July 22 photos

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