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2013 Oct 19 chez Beverly Skipper

Thanks to Beverly Skipper for hosting our meeting at her beautiful home with the great view.  Beverly allowed us to wander through her spacious home and gave tours explaining how and why she built her custom home. The weather and view were so nice we opted to have our meeting outside on the veranda. Beverly provided lots of good food including a red, white and blue cake decorated with a 'Rette boot and pom poms.
We welcomed one new attendee from the 34th line, Debra Thompson from Schertz, and we hope to see her again at future meetings and get-togethers! Thanks to our membership drive volunteers, Jean Hejl, Edna Hodges, Donann Kelley, Kara Long, Pat Taylor and Susan Reed, who called, emailed and/or wrote notes to central Texas Forevers.  Collectively they contacted over 100 Forevers.
Donann presented our treasurer’s report detailing $251 dues and raffle monies were collected at our July meeting. After expenses, Showoffs and Homecoming gifts, we have an account balance of $894. Special thanks to Beverly Skipper who graciously paid our annual website fee mid June.  Additionally, Beverly and Joyce Pennington provided raffle items.  The group in attendance voted to open a Rangerette scholarship account with $300.  We will continue to grow the account until we reach the minimum amount of $15,000 to endow the scholarship.
Rangerettes will celebrate their 75th anniversary with a trip to Scotland and Ireland March 8-18, 2015. More details will be available later, but Joyce Pennington recapped a 75th Anniversary meeting she attended as she is a member of the anniversary committee. Several of the proposed activities are a National Kick It Challenge by the National Dance Week Foundation, a screening of the "Sweethearts of the Gridiron" movie in Salado with town participation, and many other events being discussed and planned.  Multiple raffles and fund raising endeavors will be conducted to raise money for the events including two Rangerette license plates donated by MyPlates customized as 75 YRS and 75LNES being raffled at Show-offs 2014.  The plates will be good for one year.  Tickets are $5 each or three for $10 and can be purchased now through the Central Texas Forevers Chapter.  Contact Susan Reed at or 512-964-8205 if you are interested in purchasing tickets.
Susan presented our central Texas ‘Rettes with a small gift at Homecoming and received several thank you notes. Rangerettes performed the high kick and a ladder routine at half-time and two Centex ‘Rettes were nominated for Homecoming queen.
We look forward to seeing you at our February 9 meeting hosted by Edna Hodges in Georgetown.

Andrea Zuelsdorf
Beverly Skipper
Debra Harris Thompson
Donann Kelley
Edna Hodges
Jamie Vallejo
Jean Hejl
Joyce & C.R. Pennington
Laura Truett
Nikki Young
Nina Persohn
Patricia Kolodzey
Sandra Kay Adams
Sonja McCracken
Stacy Danielson
Susan Reed

Photos 2013 Oct 19

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