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2013 January 20 chez Donann Kelley

Our 2nd anniversary meeting, January 20th, was a great success with fifteen Forevers in attendance and special guest Chip Hale. Donann Kelley hosted the meeting, opening her beautiful home for the third time with great food and a special made Rangerette cake. As usual, there were reunions of old friends, lots of fun conversations and laughter.

The meeting began with our founding officers Nina, Edna and Jean reading the Forevers Central Texas mission statement and presenting the 2013-2015 officers with beautiful candles and a poem to keep the flame of Forevers Centex burning. The new officers presented Nina, Edna and Jean with a framed graphic commemorating their founding positions established in 2011 and thanking them for their hard work in creating our local chapter.

Welcome to our new attendees! Ryan Garcia, 68th line (Amanda Strassburg's little sis), Sarah Lane, 67th line (officer with Amanda), Melody Gwin Reid, 56th line (Laura Truett's sophomore and a twin 'Rette). We really enjoyed meeting you and look forward to seeing you at our future meetings. The sisterhood of our organization is evident with the reuniting of Forevers. Susan Reed was a sophomore to Sarah Lane's mother.

Susan explained that our dues donation of $25/calendar year goes towards our annual web fee ($150), full page Revels ad ($360), raffle gifts, and gifts for our current Centex Rangerettes. Thanks again to Joyce Pennington for designing our Revels ad graphic (due February 1). Revels will be April 10-13. The theme is 'The Rangerette Express' dedicated to Mrs. Deana Bolton Covin honoring her 20th year since retirement and her 90th birthday last year.

Thanks to the team that volunteered for the day camp committee: Donann, Beverly, Nina, Laura, Amanda, Edna and Melody. They will work on logistics and finding a date that will work for our camp.

Our special guest, Chip Hale, discussed the documentary he's producing/directing titled Sweethearts of the Gridiron: An American Story. Chip plans to tell the story about how the oil boom of 1930 led to the creation of the world's first dancing/drill team, the Kilgore College Rangerettes. Chip has plenty of photos, but he really needs film footage, especially the first line, if possible. He is raising money for the feature length documentary film, by way of investors. If you are interested in investing, please contact Chip starts principal photography on February 11 in Kilgore.

Melody Gwin Reid volunteered to host our April 21 meeting - thanks Melody!

photos 2013 Jan 20

January 20 Attendees:
'70 Jean Hejl
'70 Edna Post Hodges
'70 Nina Persohn
'71 Beverly Skipper
'79 Susan Reed
'82 Patti Wright
'87 Donann Kelley
'87 Sonja McCracken
'88 Kelli Weeren Stanford
'97 Melody Gwin Reid
'98 Laura Persohn Truett
'00 Jamie Vallejo
'08 Sarah Lane
'08 Amanda Strassburg
'09 Ryan Garcia
Chip Hale

Forevers Central Texas

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