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2011 Oct 15 chez Joyce Pennington

Joyce and C.R. Pennington's Salado TX home was the setting for the October meeting with the help of Donann Kelley. Talk about the perfect day, the perfect setting, and the perfect host and hostess for our gathering of over 30 Rangerettes from 1946 to 2008. The smiles were ever present and the event was one of the BEST yet. This organization truly has brought so many together who love life and their time as a Rangerette and as a Forever now. We are truly blessed for this reunion of ladies.

Jean Hejl greeted and registered everyone upon arrival and Nina Persohn opened the meeting with the Ranger fight song. Edna Hodges handled the fabulous raffle prizes and accepted donations for tickets. A huge "Thank You" to C.R. & Joyce Pennington for hosting our meeting, providing the delicious brunch, and donating so many wonderful raffle items! Edna Hodges presented a hostess gift to Joyce and C.R.. Charlene Roberts, a Forevers DFW and Forevers Board member, and her granddaughter, Avery Willenborg, were special guests in attendance. Charlene brought several items for the raffle that were seriously eyed by the guests. Thanks Charlene for your generosity and talent.

Charlene spoke about the newly formed F3 (Forever Friends and Family) organization. Sandra Kay Adams volunteered to be a representative of Forevers Centex for the first F3 gathering at Kilgore during Parent's Day. Thanks Sandra!

Jean Hejl recognized the first-time attendees and each shared something about their time as a Rangerette. WOW, the stories these ladies have are wonderful. Thanks for the Memories!

Jean presented a treasury report to the organization. Our organization now has a tax ID number and a bank account was opened in July 2011. There was a balance of $422 that included $175 from July dues. After expenses, there is a remaining balance of $34.69. Fortunately, we received $260 for the raffle items and $200 for new memberships so our balance increased to $494.69.

There was discussion regarding length of each term for officers. It was agreed by the organization that officers hold 2 year terms and the existing officers remain until January 2013. Nina Persohn, President; Jean Hejl, Treasurer and Edna Hodges, Secretary.

Jean shared that Erin Cummings, a former Rangerette, would be appearing in a few episodes of the TV show, Pan Am, as Jenny Saddler.

Topics discussed at the meeting were a mini-camp during the summer for girls going to Kilgore to try out for Rangerettes. This would be a "last stop" type camp to prepare for try-outs. A committee was formed and more discussion will follow. In addition, Kelly Barber and Susan Reed volunteere to order leis for the Rangerettes, Managers and Directors to be given to them for their upcoming trip to Hawaii for the 70th year commemorative ceremony of Pearl Harbor. A special tag was attached to each lei showing it was from Forevers Centex. Thanks ladies for your work and dedication to this project.

After the meeting, there were numerous photo ops out on the Pennington's porch and grounds.

Oct 15 photos

First time attendees:

Kelly Barber
Carala Carver
Stacy Danielson
Cindy Gillespie
Sharron Harrington
Diane Hutchins
Sagen Isdale
Tina Isdale
Kathy Landreth
Kara Long
Holly Lyons
C.R. and Joyce Pennington
Georgia Reid
Charlene Roberts
Beverly Skipper-Lange
Beverly Theodore
Sharon Turley
Avery Willenborg

New members:

Kelly Barber
Diane Hutchins
Sagen Isdale
Kathy Landreth
Betty Lyles
C.R. and Joyce Pennington
Amanda Strassburg

WELCOME to Forevers Centex and thanks for your support!

Forevers Central Texas

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